Words Fly Away, Writings Remain…

I indeed like this phrase. Words, agreements, meetings may fly away suddenly in business life unless you get an agreement on the paper or on the e-mail, etc…

I think if someone makes a deal with you on the phone or face to face, one of you should send a e-mail to redact the deal for the future. This e-mail had better includes these explanations;

As you know, we made a deal with you face to face / on the phone. I just wanted to send this deal’s details as e-mail. If you don’t accept the details below, please let me know.

[Put the whole details of your deal]

Check again then don’t hesitate to send it!

It’s going to make you feel cool. Because in the future, this person can easily say “Hey, our deal is not like that, I didn’t make a deal with this conditions.”When you face this type of problem, be cool since you already proved your deal’s details by sending a mail. Furthermore, you needn’t to wait for an answer because not answering the e-mail generally means I agree with you. Afterwards, if he says you,”Hey, sorry. I didn’t see your e-mail”, probably the best answer will be “Why don’t you check your e-mails regularly. As I told you, I sent you the details.”

This is really essential unwritten rule of business life. No matter what happens, try to have or send e-mail included all of your deal’s details in order to feel free for the future. Bye the way, although this rule demonstrates you more professional, sometimes some problems may be solved fastly within “mutual understanding.”

Enough again,

Let me know your opinions,

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