Eren Caner was born in 1985/ Ankara – Turkey. He took university education in Eskisehir Anadolu University department of Faculty of  Communication Sciences. After learning English efficiently in Faculty of Foreign Languages, he visited to Romania with AEGEE (European Students Forum Club). At the following year, he qualified to attend to Erasmus Exchange Program in Germany. Then he visited to Italia, Spain, Netherlands so as to have more knowledge about European culture. He has started to work as a intern in European Turkish Business Development Center as soon as he returned to Turkey. Then, he won the Microsoft’s idea competition as third by developing creative marketing ideas. This competition was elimination system for interns. Eren who showed abilities, started to work officially in Microsoft before graduating after having successful internship period with Microsoft Windows Group Marketing Director Nuri Çankaya. Thus, Eren was a member of Windows team in order to create, manage marketing projects and managing communications between Microsoft and digital agencies.

After that, Eren as a early adopters (first generation) for social media marketing, he began to work in Promoqube Digital Brand Communications Agency. In this year also, Eren achieved to take Management of Marketing Communication MA (master) education in Galatasaray University, at he same time learnt how to manage biggest brands and create  unique digital strategies for them (e.g. Ülker Corporate, Ülker Çizi, Ülker Chocolate) in social media through marketing know-how. After Promoqube, he started to work as a account manager in PING Digital to manage and create digital strategies and competitor analysis for Eti Corporate, Eti Tutku, Eti Gofredo, Eti Form, GAP, Banana Republic, ING Bank. Meanwhile, he accepted a offer which is coming from Anadolu University/ Faculty of Communication Sciences to lecture brand management in social media.

Then, Eren decided to accept another offer getting from The Coca-Cola Company. Thus, he started to work integratedly both digital marketing and corporate communications in TCCC. Afterwards, not only so as to focus on only digital marketing, but also create personal venture opportunities, he left The Coca-Cola Company and entered into a personal opportunities with Komdat Digital Marketing Agency who is managing Siemens’ global 52 accounts. Now that, he is working as “Head of Social Media” at Dogan TV Media Company and sharing ideas on CNN TURK which is one the popular marketing and advertising mag in Turkey. In his business and learning life, he likes to focus on useful knowledge and generate reasoning by bringing together different knowledge and researching results and he enjoys to make presentations in Keynote and be keynote speaker for universities.

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