Take These 15 Tips for Brilliant Presentation

You know, presentation needs experience. Remember how you created present while you were in school.  Was it so cheesy? Probably. Now, I would like to give you some tips&tricks to leverage your presentation know-how.

1- Divide your presentation into 3 parts and build 3 side stories in order to support your main story. It helps people can remember easier. Here is an example from Steve Jobs’ famous Stanford Commencement Speech;
The Main Story: Make Business Which You Like
First Side Story: Combine Points
Second Side Story: Love and Lost
Third Side Story: Death

2- If you put so many words, probably no need you to present it. Compose mail then send it. 🙂 They can read them. Of course just kidding. Please add words to your presentation as little as possible so as people to listen you effectively. If you add many words, listeners want to focus on words rather than contact you. Especially, don’t add more than 40 words to your first 10 slides.

3- You strongly need a story that can journeys people from somewhere to somewhere else. They shouldn’t end it on starting point.

4- Talk Like Ted book says that you had better create presentation which includes story in %65 percent, statistical info in %25, reliability in %10 percent.

5- Better to give at least one character to people to corrolate.

6- If you are making something regarding social media, marketing; that would be better to focus on new technologies like Artifical Intelligence, Virtual Reality, 3D Printer.

7- If you focus on these technologies I mentioned above, please give people useful information that can answer “what can I do with these new technology knowledge after this presentation?” Because most of time, talking about new technologies’ future is so showy and sexy but every time, providing new ideas regarding how to use them at moment for your business is useful for them. Feed people for the present not only for the future.

8- Why don’t you start to your presentation by telling a funny moment, insight, story that may make everybody smile and support your main story? How you start is very important. You need to effect people at first.

9- TED speakers usually create presentation in a couple of weeks, then they try to summarize it for 18 minutes in couple of months! You read right, summarizing needs more time.

10- Nice to have audio, video that everyone can interested in your presentation.

11- Maybe, you can add a checklist and book suggestion at the end of your presentation.

12- Don’t forget to visualize your data in brains by matching real items. To illustrate, your monthly visitor equals to Netherlands’ population. It helps people to understand your data easier.

13- Before your real presentation, test and get feedbacks many times.

14- Your aim shouldn’t be to make presentation when you are making presentation. Your aim must be inspiring, encourage people for bigger business.

15- Never use bullets.

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