How To Create External Brain

What is external brain? External brain is advanced-level knowledge classification using one or more places with discipline. Below the my technique but don’t forget that this needs long time discipline. You can get more apps. It depends on what types of knowledges you desire to save for the future.
Getting note taking app is the first important thing to have external brain. I can suggest you Evernote however, if you are looking for more visual app, try Zoho Notebook. (Link ) Evernote offers subscription model unlike Zoho which is %100 free. In Evernote, don’t forget to use “notebook” and “tag” features. The more you use Evernote with these, the more you find something easier when needed. Below the how I use my Evernote notebook and tag features;

Blog Post Topics: Inspirational topics and sources for my blog.

Blog Posts: When I’m far from my computer and if I desire to write something suddenly, saving it here.

Career: Every types of sources for my career development.

Consulting: Suggestions for someone else.

Family: Adding family notes here. To illustrate, notes regarding my wife, her singing records etc.

Good to Know: Everything which is good to know like articles, infographics, tips&tricks.

Ideas: As soon as the idea comes to mind, putting here.

Lifestyle: Comic but useful internet caps, checklists for trips. Everything intended for fun&lifestyle may be added here.

Meeting Notes: I like to save meeting notes in business life.

Music: Playing guitar is my hobby. I’m adding something I find useful.

Personal Informations: My PS4 account information, bike key-code, TV 3D glasses code, important bills.

Presentation Notes: Images, caps, information I would like to keep for my future presentations. This method is going to be very helpful when you build a new presentation.

Projects: Ended and running projects’ notes.

Quotes: Inspiring and visionary quotes.

Roof Ideas: This is very crucial stage. Annual digital strategies’ roof ideas I developed for brands.

Trash: Unimportant notes are here.

Travelling Notes: I’m adding interesting things I see when I travel. For instance, I wrote this article within this notebook when I was under the tent.

Tags are useful to correlate with notebooks. The less you use tags, the more you are okay. Here the my tags;


Evernote’s widget is nice too. Don’t hesitate to use it.

If you have this type of discipline, Evernote starts to serve you as part of your external brain.


2- Pocket

At first, I tried to use only Evernote to save my links nevertheless I noticed that this is unuseful way and Pocket is better. Then, I migrated to Pocket with all links I saved. In this system, I only use tags. Anymore, my valuable and classificated links can be reachable easily. For example, when I desire to read something related to being creative, I easily select this tag to start to read. If you want to connect your Pocket links with other services, use IFTTT.

3- IFTTT & Zapier

IFTTT and Zapier are needed when you want to connect two separate services like Instagram and Google Drive. Here the example;

If I upload this (new image) to Instagram, then that (back it up) to Google Drive

Even, you are able to use more than 500 services in IFTTT. There are many popular ready to use recipes for Evernote, Pocket, Android, iOS, Instagram and many more. Otomation is good when necessary or solves some problems. The essential thing is what kind of problem does the recipe you use solve? Think about the example I give above. Do you indeed need to back up your whole Instagram photos to Google Drive? I think, most of people don’t need it. Think twice when you run a recipe. Keep your part of external brain clean and organized.

4- Google Photos

It’s easier than Evernote and Pocket. Just download it to your mobile phone then open the backup feature in the app and forget. I have been using Google Photos for 7 years. Anymore, it’s simple to find my photos by years and date. Additionally, if you choose 2 megapixels which is fine for daily photos, you will have unlimited storage. There is no reason to use iCloud limited for only 5GB.

Consequently, creating external brain is complicated process which needs discipline but you will be surprised when you see how it makes your business easier than ever. Believe me, the thing is not using note taking apps, keeping some articles, photos, writing something; the thing is making visible and useful when needed.

Digital literacy and thinking digital depends on how you are able to filter informations and save them for the future to develop yourself and your business.

I hope that you decide to create your external brain. On the other hand, if you want to have good working external brain, be master of popular and new apps. For new apps, check ProductHunt out daily or weekly. If you want to recommend more apps help external brain, leave a comment.

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