Here Is Spotify Needs To Do Urgently

As an innovative company, if you want to prevent pirated illegal downloads and turn people who use them to your subscribers, you strongly need to be easier than these pirated ways called torrent, p2p sharing, mp3 downloading.

Spotify is cool platform to listen to music easier than ever. Nevertheless, something is missing in Spotify. What’s that? Special contents. Look at the other on-demand global services. They’ve special contents.

Maybe being easier than the pirated ways is still not enough to grab subscribers for your services.

That’s why, Spotify ought to services special contents such as musics that can be found merely on Spotify platform. On Spotify, we’ve consumed contents that are already obtainable on the internet until now. Anymore, Spotify had better offer special singer albums. Sure, hard to do that with high-level celebrities but it’ll be easy with low and mid-level celebrities. Furthermore, it is going to be within “win-win” rule. Here is why;

Step 1: Spotify will make a deal with singers for only on Spotify albums.
Step 2: While Spotify gets special content, singers will have an album that can be listened only on Spotify. As a result, they’ll have albums without hard-copy. Having album as a singer is really important to be recognized in music sector however I don’t mean hard-copy albums. Anymore enough to have soft-copy album. Do you see the win-win business opportunity?

No matter what happens, Spotify urgently will make deals with singers globally to make its platform more special before Apple Music!

It’s a good way of it.

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