Don’t Look For a Job, Create Position To Get a Job

Listen it while you’re reading.

Finding job is one of the most important steps in human life and can be hard&long process most of time. Since, you as a student tend to focus on lectures and think that finding a job will be guaranteed when you gradute from university. Usually, this is not happen like that. I think, the keys to find a job easily are thinking different from the other students. That’s why, nice to go project based, creating sustainable network using online&offline environments.

First of all, think different from the other students however how? Please, don’t accept whole informations coming from the teachers, check them! How will you be able to use mentioned informations when we’re in business life and indeed will you need them? Of course, so as to check them, you’ll need some experiences from the business life. Internship programs are the best way to do that. Moreover, try to not to take so similar courses. To illustrate, usually no difference between interpersonal communication and nonverbal communication courses. One of my teachers said me that put something to the beginning of the “communication” wording. Here is the your new course. So sad but true.

Secondly, if you can catch the opportunities before they were lost, that will be wonderful for you. How can you realize that? The answer is thinking project-based. For instance, while your teacher is expressing something, you can get some ideas from the teacher to run a new project. Not only in student life but also in business life, thinking project-based will benefit you. After you have good idea, sometimes using only your student ID can be harder in meetings. In these times, find a student club, international student forum like AEGEE to be taken seriously. Since, everyone is already student forum your university. What’s your potential difference? Connected to a club realizes good differences for you while you’re running.

In addition, Porter Gale said in his book;

your network is your net worth.

Namely, you must create a cool social business environment creating projects, using LinkedIn, posting your ideas to you blog regarding business life, your interest. Of course your interests on your blog had better be related to your target business. No matter what happens, you need to show your ideas, dreams on your blog. If you’re having problem what you’ll post on your blog, here is the good helper for you. Besides of that, how about writing your learnings from the books you’ve read before? Why I recommend these ideas insistly? For example, you may not probably reach to a important person when you’re in student life. You are %100 the same as other students. Nonetheless, if you’ve another ID and project as I explained on the previous paragraph, you’re going to get %100 different position from the other students. This is the question.

To sum up, the thing is not following up the same way such as millions students. Think different, find another ID and go for your project. Then, you’ll already cool network. Unless you’ve it, you’ll get a reason to drink a couple of coffee with them at least. Because, you’re done with your project and going to have feedback&ideas for the next step from these people. Take it easy, my friend.

Bonus: Derek Sivers: Weird, or just different? from Ted Talks

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