2 New Ideas That Facebook and Instagram Can Monetize Using Celebrities

No need to say how often brands use social media. Digital brands communication based on social media with marketing know-how is so popular for 6-7 years. In recent years, brands from every sector desire to use top celebrities’ social accounts to drive their strategy better. Let me explain this process at first. There are some agencies to create connection between brands and celebrities. They take commission. Sometimes,  the brands who want to use a celebrity goes to this agency and says what they need; sometimes, agencies come to brands for celebrity partnership.  Although brands and celebrities use Facebook & Instagram networks, the money goes to celebrities via agencies from brands by-passing Facebook and Instagram. In addition, celebrities earn $300-$400 per post in Turkey.

At this point, I’ve a platform recommendation with 2 ideas that Facebook and Instagram can monetize using celebrities by bring brands and celebrities together officially without 3rd party agencies. The platform name can be like that; Facebook Celebrity Place.


1- The first part is for brands that already have social post. The aim is spreading existing postings with social media. 
a- Brands come to platform, select celebrity or enter the keywords and system can find the best choice for brands.
b- Brands upload image-text, select duration and pay at this step.
c- A notification goes to this celebrity.

d- Celebrity push the “let’s do it together” button, uploaded image and text start to be shown on this profile for limited time.


2- The second part is for brands who want to have new post that celebrities can create. 
a- Brands come here to create partnership with appropriate celebrities for their.  They explain what type of needs, how much money can they pay per post and duration.
b- Celebrities who want to be partner, push the “let’s do it together” button.
c- Brands choies one of them.
d- Celebrity creates needed post and upload it to platform to show it to the brand manager.
e- Brands have 3 times revision right and if needed, they may use this right.

f- Finally, brands have best post and pay it to the platform. If this post’s cost is $400, the platform get %20 of total cost which means $40 for only one post. It’s like what Apple does for App Store.

The win-win mechanism;

While brands use celebrity they want easily with less money (without agency profit), celebrity earn more money again with less effort  (just pushing “let’s do it together” button and without agency profit).

I believe that it will work in Turkey. According to my both digital agency and corporate experience, I can say that brands prefer to use official platforms provided by Facebook, Twitter etc. instead of 3rd party agencies. This is new platform mechanism in order Facebook and Instagram to make more money since, there is really opportunity for that.

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