10 Reasons To Get Ready For The New World with Facebook Spaces

Facebook has introduced a VR platform called “Spaces” as you may know. Spaces aims Facebook users to have much more fun and more engage to eachother. Actually, mobile phones with the current usage takes %60 – %70 of our perception. After Spaces grow up, it needs %100 of our perception. Since, VR is indeed cool & trendy technology and if Facebook decided to invest to VR, that means it will be really growing up unlike 3D tech.

So, what are waiting for us? What are waiting for brands? When most of people are ready to use Facebook Spaces, brands starts to communicate probably. At this time, what will happen? I have brainstormed a little. You can find my foresights below;

1- TV channels will take place in Facebook Spaces. When we’re having fun in Facebook Spaces, what if our best TV series starts? Really easy to watch it in Facebook Spaces instead of leaving Facebook Spaces, VR glasses and turn your TV or something else.

2- We’ll see sponsored stories, product placement and brands who communicate in Facebook Spaces while we’re having fun or talking with friends.

3- While we’re having sightseeing in Spaces, we’ll be able to get in branded shop, store like Starbucks in the future. Here is the good and exciting reason to create digital brand communication there.

4- Real time behavioral models can be imported to Facebook Spaces in order to drive better ad algorithm and app or feature suggestions within Spaces.

5- Think about your friend you didn’t meet for a long time. What a nice face to face meeting in Facebook Spaces. You’ll feel like you’re sitting at the same tabel.

6- When people start to spend of time in Spaces more and more, that means mobile phone usage will go down. In this kind of case, what may Twitter, LinkedIn do people to stay in their app? 2 options: creating their Spaces platforms or joining to Facebook Spaces.

7- Job interviews, every kind of meeting that can be created in the real life, online educations are able to be moved to Facebook Spaces.

8- It will be essential how you’re using and what you’re doing, what kind of meetings you’re joining and what you’re saying in Facebook Spaces such as social media.

9- Political leaders may create live meetings especially in election times. Since, they need to find out new ways to engage with people.

10– Celebrities can have meeting with fans to promote their musics and engage with followers.

Consequently, we’ll have a new world that we can do everything that we cannot do in current world. Almost everything that exists in the real life are able to import to Facebook Spaces. These are entirely my foresights.

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